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mary meagher
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An apology

To Pilots Crabb, 2l2, and Whirlybird....I apologise for sounding condescending. Please don't ban me from the Rotorhead site, you chaps talk a lot more sense than most who contribute to PP. Especially the pilot who recommended on this forum the pre-briefing of pax to avoid pressure to carry on when better to go to Plan B.

Thomas Coupling, it did take me several attempts to make the oxygen system work correctly. It worked OK eventually, when really needed.

I would never turn down a ride in a helicopter! (I did go for one lesson, at Elstree, and enjoyed it, but too old now to change from FW, that's for sure) My favorite trip was a joy ride down the beach in New Jersey, the aircraft had amazing viz all around, and straight down as well past our feet!
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