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Thomas coupling
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Si Naiail: Snowdon peaks out @ 3065 feet. Don't say that too loud to any one from the rest of the world, because they'd laugh at you. They trip over this altitude en route to the real mountains in their back yard. But I must add that I have total and complete respect for the hills......absolutely.

Yes I spent 13 years living inside this beautiful but unforgiving terrain near Snowdon but was very lucky indeed to have completed a proper mountain flying qualification on exchange with the CAF many moons ago where the average landing zone was around 15-18000 feet. But the machines we flew could cope (CH124's).

And don't even quiz VF over his credentials - he makes all of us look like newbie's!

Mary - I occasionally spoke to those glider wallah's near Deeside as I traversed their zones. I bet if you were honest - you'd admit that when in fact you did soar at 20000 feet - you did it without oxygen, didn't you?
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