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Mary, as others have pointed out, helicopters are not gliders. Helicopter PPLs should go on a mountain flying course at the very least. Several schools run them; I went on one many years ago, in Snowdonia. We had 40 knot winds for most of the weekend, and despite the highly experienced instructor sitting next to me, I remember it as scary, vomit-inducing, and not to be repeated by choice. I learned a huge amount about dealing with the mountain phenomena that before that were only theoretical, but as a result I chose not to have to unless absolutely necessary. Greatest respect to those like TC and others for whom it IS necessary at times. For the rest of us, in helicopters take the coastal route unless it's a lovely sunny day with light winds and a good forecast...and even then be prepared to divert if necessary.

And I repeat, in case others need to be reminded - helicopters are not gliders!!!

Sorry to go on at such length, but there are too many accidents like this and clearly the point needs to be made many times.
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