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Loud Handle
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Sore Knees.

Charlie mate, as an ex Pixie pilot (albeit some time ago) who understands the current situation I fear you may have stabbed yourself in the arse.

If the pilot body prevail in their legal action against the company you will find yourself on substantially lower T&C's than your fellow comrades, brother and sister pilots (and possibly sent to coventry for your appalling behaviour). If on the other hand the pilot body lose I would think your comrades, brothers and sisters will be making a swift departure via the emergency exits and you will be left alone, [email protected] in hand with your crappy "sugar candy" contract for a very long time.

Either way, I suggest you order two or three extra pairs of those Totally Workwear blue trousers as with the amount of time you must be spending on your knees you'll be needing them.......you may think about a bib too to keep that crappy shirt clean.

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