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Hi Everyone,

I attended my YOU session 2 days ago and managed to get a full JOR. My hope had been to put down Pilot and 2 engineering positions ( as i graduate at the end of the year ) for my preferences in the Air Force but in regards to my Pilot Preference the Career Advisor ( He is a RAAF Technician ) Wouldn't put down Pilot for me since I am turning 28 this year which is just past the 27.5 recommended cut off for DEO Pilot.

So i guess my question is , is it still possible for me to try and pursue Pilot in the Air Force despite my age ? I understand that the chance of ever flying a Super Hornet would be almost 0 due to my age but I am not a All or nothing Figher Pilot minded person I would like most people love to fly the Wedgetail or the Poseidon ect.

He said for me to Preference Army Pilot instead since they accept people up to 35 but i left a spot empty in case i have a chance to get the Air Force Pilot added to the list.

Thank you for any advice anyone might offer.
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