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Originally Posted by Thomas coupling View Post
Well for starters drone operators must have line of site currently. What if the drone operator is told to go take a look behind a building which would result in the drone going out of view?
What is the endurance of this drone?
What if an SME needs to go take a look for him/herself in the helicopter?
What if the Silver Commander wants a deterrent in the skies above the threat? Will a drone presence be big enough?
What if the scene commander wants a shooter up there?
What if the commander wants close up photography from 1500' ?

What if the terrorist can jam your signal?

Sorry for droning on - but you did ask..........
I suggest you do a bit of research TC..drone operators fly the things using the onboard camera. They can fly into the most amazing places and film shots that just a few years ago were impossible with helicopters.

This technology takes the expense away from most missing persons ops.

Take a look at this showreel.

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