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Originally Posted by ShyTorque View Post
Maybe drones could be sent to medical incidents to send pictures to a control room. A controller could assess if it's worth sending a ground ambulance to attend.
We have that service in the UK now. Paramedics.

111 for medical non urgent medical issue.
NHS 111 - NHS emergency and urgent care services - NHS Choices

The reason being lots of wasted time on non emergency calls in the past.

No drones but an unqualified call handler assesses if you are about to die.

Central London has a huge noise issue with constant police helicopter ops.

It is also probably the biggest user of ground based surveillance cameras.

I doubt a hovering helicopter could add little to the thousands of street cameras moniterd by a dedicated team 24/7.

If a hovercam is needed a drone will get lower and closer than a twin turbine with three expensive people on board.

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