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Originally Posted by meadowrun View Post
Doubt it will come to that. The US will tolerate only so much. If NK ever gets far from close to the above mentioned capability they will be stubbed out by preventative measures from the US unless big brother China finally gets its act together and shuts down that little cancer on world society.
In an alternative scenario would the Chinese go to war with the New Soviets under Putin?
If Putin were to annexe North Korea via their common land boundary and announce to the world " I've solved your worries and fears " Win Win Win for Mr Putin, global praise unlimited access to warm water ports in the Pacific area of influence !
Putin needs and wants warm water ports always has done, he annexed Crimea from Ukraine to strengthen his Black Sea / Mediterranean access why not NK to give him the Pacific too ? He has been bolstering his Navy over the last few years and paraded his aircraft carrier task force through the English Channel en route to Syria and very recently sent a warship through the Panama canal.
For the first time ever.
Just flexing his muscles?
He would get huge plaudits at the U.N if he took down NK "Putin saviour of the civilised world " Who would try and stop him China ? I think not, they might make some noise, but in the long term it will save them money and face.
Makes sense to me, just think about it ?
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