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Originally Posted by sundaun View Post
Were you the Yak 42 man during MB's tenure Al.? Airside Airniugini has always been a very professional airline.
No, as has been identified above I was one of the 146 men. At one time when we had a lunchtime drink in the pub we had representatives from BAe, Fokker, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Airbus but I don't remember anyone peddling Yak 42.

Defending my stance against Logohu, we were looking to replace not just the F28s but some of the F27s. PNG did not include anything truly hot and high but did and does include some difficult operations which our aeroplane would have coped with but the F28 could not - nor would the F100 have done.

The airline was indeed very professional in those days, which so far as could be seen was due to a policy of appointing competant professionals to fly and maintain the aeroplanes without regard for where they came from.
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