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RadioSaigon : Much thanks for the reassurance that the PT6 is indeed built like a tank sir! Helps with sleeping at night although there is that inherent guilt that comes with knowing your irresponsibility with the checklist and hurry to head home may have been catastrophic for my beloved PA46 which whom i cherish very much!

Its been awhile since i cross referenced so for reference sake and knowledge of other Meridian owners, the POH provides :

Introducing fuel after 13% or NG stabilized

The meridian is ok for ITT to rise until 1000 for start, not exceeding 10 seconds, and obviously not very often but isolated incidents is fine, says the POH.

POH says that on aborted starts, dry crank for 15 not exceeding 30 seconds to purge unburnt fuel and also to wait before next start so here is where the mistakes were made.

Although a dry crank then wouldve inadvertently resulted in me not having enough battery for the start thereafter ALTHOUGH it is DEFINITELY better than causing damage to the engine.

I hope shes good, i have the workshop manual on the PT6-42 and guideline for exceedance and at 1,042 deg, less than 5 seconds, it says no action required.

I will upload those pages here so others can refer to them for future reference. Basically it says you have a 5 second window to be a d*ckhead with the engine and thereafter, be prepared to part with your benjamins..

Piltdown Man :

Funny thing is, i have been looking all morning and ive found no guidelines for a quick turnaround on the POH.

You can access a copy of the manual here :-


Its not my specific aircraft as its Garmin G1000 equipped but that is just the avionics. All mechanicals remain largely identical with my Avidyne equipped unit.

It does say about dry run for the motor to purge fuel and perhaps cool the ITT down.

I think as a rule of thumb, i will not restart within 20 minutes of powering down and will start only with extreme caution.

I will capture a video of the avionics engine data on my next start and see if i can upload it here to show the vital stats, ITT, NG, Battery etc for a regular Meridian start..

Chimbu Warrior : Yes, i think that may be in order. I want to look at this on my next start and see how weak she gets. Thanks

stilton : External power sources do cost money each and every plug in, but i do see the benefits. Perhaps i can do it when starting from hangar at home base if i buy the ground power unit myself and limit the battery use to all other airports/areas.

As Meridian's dont have much usable load, i cant be carrying a power pack in the aircraft when i fly so mostly this limits me to my homebase hangar.

Will take this suggestion very seriously with much thanks!
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