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I have not flown a Meridian, but I used to fly a PT6 powered PAC750. In my experiences ANY load on the battery will cause the ignition peak temperature to be higher. The more the battery load, the higher the peak ignition ITT. Also the rate of temp increase is higher when there is battery load.

I once tried to restart a PT6 off a battery that was running survey gear and experienced much the same result as yourself. I would suggest that running the cabin comfort system was the cause.

I am not sure what the Meridian checklist says about aborted starts, but with the PAC750 the next start after the aborted start had to be a dry start to remove any unburnt fuel from the system before a live start could be attempted. I would suggest this may be the reason for the high temps on the second start. (Advice: read the manual and checklist on aborted starts)

So far as the white smoke goes......was it actually coming from the exhaust? Or was it coming from outside the engine and filtering past the exhaust stack? Melted nylock nuts make lots of smoke.......

Good that you are getting it inspected, I would suggest sticking a camera in to look at the hot section blades. If they are shiny and clean then you are in the clear. The inspection will reveal whether you have damage or not, and therefore if it was a hot start or not.
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