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The Grobs are quite a sound machine,but many of the problems have been caused by 'over enthusiastic' aero's which certainly led to the tail cracks and early propeller incidents.
Grob state quite clearly what the aircraft is cleared for but it appears that 'flick' manoeuvres have added to the airframe/prop issues which are not the fault of the basic machine. Tail strikes of the ventral fin have also caused an added issue.
Compared with the cost of ATC Gliding I always thought the AEF scheme was expensive for what it produced, and by using two seat aircraft never really gave much air time for the squadrons. The aerobatic 'thing' was always over sold, when in fact what was needed was 'air time' for Cadets to experience both handling plus using charts that a four seater would give for the same engine power. An 'Aerobatic' badge could be included for older Cadets as an 'add on' to the basic operation.
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