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inspections/minor repairs

As a Staff Cadet I attended SM and completed a weeks course on basic glider inspection/minor repairs.
This included derig/rig, changing components (skids wheels struts and airframe parts) plus basic gluing and fabric repair.AS there were no Gliders to repair we practiced on wooden furniture for the repairs and the chisels were 'very sharp' to ensure tight fitting joints (no gaps allowed).
Wed afternoon (sports day) was a break from this when Camp staff came around for some flying which meant loads of launches for a suitably rated SC as opposed to the 'hand outs' back at base.
At the end of the week there was a basic test ( oral/and rig test) then you were awarded a certificate stating your ability to undertake duties as written down.
In practice this allowed you to DI the school fleet in the mornings before the main body of staff arrived, the main feature being to check for unreported heavy landings or fabric damage. I still have the spanner left behind by a MGSP midweek visit !!! All this was overseen by the |Chief Tec who gave the final test. This was all actual hands on practical work with no 'form filling' or classroom time. Of course the system was fine as back at the school we had no approved workshops or facilities so had to work with what we made of things. It was interesting that after say a skid change the later visit by the MGSP would usually mean a fuselage would be 'inverted' for a 'close inspection' and attention in the wheel box area if required.

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