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Sorry, this needs specialised brokerage help.

First, what do you want - private health care in the UK which is what the PMIs such as BUPA provide, or overseas healthcare? Is it for living overseas of just travelling????? And is that travelling as a pilot or are you flying in one country and just positioning?

Now add in both your ages and previous medical history and you will see that this thread really cant give you sensible advice

All I would say is that you must look at the benefits and compare them with actual costs. Most UK insurers offer benefits that fewer and fewer doctors will accept. Overseas care can escalate into literally the millions very fast as many healthcare systems are financially unregulated and you are the foreigner. And you must be covered for the big ticket items for the cover to be worthwhile in the UK and to be covered overseas.

This is just a general observation, and I am not providing financial advice
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