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Originally Posted by Herod View Post
On the other hand, I've visited some of the aircraft I flew with my children and grandchildren. I was quite shocked when I first found an airframe I had flown sitting in a museum, but now I accept it as normal.

One of many advantages of electronic logbooks is the enormous wealth of information they can store compared to paper logbooks. I typed all my paper logbooks into an electronic logbook. I then googled every individual aircraft I have ever flown (120) and traced photos and their histories. Quite an interesting exercise - I found four had been crashed, two with fatalities.

It took a few years to complete the whole exercise, just doing a bit here and there when I had time.

The electronic logbooks then work out all sorts of interesting facts like automatic night hours, draw nice maps with all your routes, produce just about any statistic you want. Way better than paper logbooks and way more useful.

I even have an app which fills in my logbook automatically - it uses the iPhone or ipAD sensors to detect when the aircraft moves off blocks, when it gets airborne, when it lands and when it is on blocks, and even automatically records the ICAO code of the start and end airports, and works out how much of the leg was night.

The only drawbacks is that some retarded aviation authorities that i have to deal with in in Africa take a dim view of them
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