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Can I respectfully make a suggestion? If you're thinking of leaving Her Majesty's Service and fly civilian at any time, be sure to add your military flights to a civilian 'logbook' too with the off and on block times. LASORS 2010 allowed factoring of military logbooks, but under EASA it doesn't technically exist any more...
As someone who no doubt will be denigrated as a 'cold war dinosaur', I would point out that this is EXACTLY what I recommended around 20 years ago....

'Factoring' of military logbooks was only ever permitted under the conditions stated in Appendix B to Section A of LASORS2010. Since the advent of Part-FCL, no such allowance is permitted and hence it is even more important that military pilots wishing to take up civilian flying in later life keep a civil log book with flight times entered in accordance with civil requirements as well as their military Pilots Flying Logbook.

FFS it takes about a minute to enter the details after each flight - with the amount of flying people manage these days, why is it such a problem? The only problem I recall was when someone walked off with all the logbooks for the Sqn Cdr or Stn Cdrs' signatures and didn't bring them back for a week...
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