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Originally Posted by Desert snake View Post
Just as an extra bit of info. Be aware that your wife cannot sponsor you for a residency visa.
Men can sponsor their wives, but not vice versa.
You would have to get a job yourself to stay here, otherwise you would need to leave the country every month to come back in on a visitors visa.
Some corrections here:

- Women can sponsor their husband, but only in specific job categories, or earning categories (I know a local VP who is sponsoring her husband, and she is not in teaching or nursing)

- If you are European (from the Schengen zone), the going back and forth rules have become more complicated, as it is now 90 days out of a 180 day period (based on the reciprocal rules with the Schengen zone).

- In terms of living, you can get a 2-bed townhouse in JVT for 150K, DEWA will have 5% of that as taxes. Springs will run you between 150-180K (although you can splurge to 220K too)

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