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Milt, pure speculation.
With the advent of modern aerodynamics and wing tip add-ons perhaps the effect is due to an unusual interaction between the wing and engine exhaust.
The effect would then depend on aircraft type / add-on.

I noticed another oddity recently with what appeared to be an A380. This type quickly forms two trails from the four engines, suggesting a wing effect. However, as a one off, two additional faint trails formed apparently below the two main trails, somewhat like an inverted rooster tail. From a distance the effect was similar to fighter aircraft tanking, but there was only one aircraft.

A consideration for both effects is a flight path at the boundary of sufficiently different air masses so that an aircraft wake could actually form cu cloud in your instance, or a stratus like trail in mine.

P.S. Yours?

Mine were similar to this twin jet.

P.P.S also see

Note that all of the photos are associated with a cloud layer, may be relevant.

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