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TheOddOne - I agree, the news for the gyroplane fraternity is excellent all round. I ma so glad that Flight Operations helicopter inspector took his brief so seriously. I still, as a plank pilot. prefer wings that I can see in flight I seek a quadriplane but have flown a triplane and a shedload in biplanes. Rotary wings are invisible in flight. I have little imagination ergo they do not exist so I am prepared for a plummet and pleasantly surprised when it does not happen. Having flown a WA116 gyro in 1966 by courtesy of Ken Wallis I am pleased for those who love them.

These moves are one side of the coin with the CAA, this is the obverse but I am concerned with the reverse, or the backside if you prefer and I am far from happy. So the Haines challenge was a welcome chink in the bleak fašade of the Belgrano and the CAA House top floor, Thank you all for your input, much appreciated. I do hope it will have some effect but am not holding my breath. We can but try.
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