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The problem with the regulation changes for airshows was that there was no consultation with those who were to be affected. The CAA arbitrarily just did it and some in a disproportionate and 'gold plated' fashion. a few have some safety DIS-benefit. This is contrary to the governments declared policy for 'Better Regulation' and the 'Gold Plating' removal initiative by Grant Shapps MP.. On charging the cross subsidy argument is there. CAT gets most of its flight crew via GA at no cost to the airlines but at considerable cost to the aspiring airline pilot. Is that not worth a little cross subsidy. In addition sensible suggestion for rebalancing the charges were ignored without any explanation why, again no consultation took place. The CAA are frightened to death over Shoreham and the potential liability. It was a huge tragedy but so is the weekly toll of death and injury on UK roads yet that is accepted. How many innocent folk have lost their lives in football stadia since the early 1950's yet in airshows only those unfortunate people at Shoreham and they were not at the airshow anyway,. There needs to be a sense of proportion. Improvements can and will be made but the CAA actions are an overkill and overcharge.
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