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Thanks for posting the report.

On first read I feel the report is ok. Sure it tiptoes but we shouldn't be here to throw stones.
I am a little concerned with the overriding reliance of the commander/crew on the fire chief's recommendations. I know in Singapore, ATC can be very disrupting in a non normal situation and that they have no knowledge of the term "standby". I can guess the fire crews are of probably the same ilk.
I know LHR has a discrete fire frequency but was not aware this was also the procedure at Changi.

Also assuming the augmenting crew were in the cockpit, perhaps they could be more involved with communications with the cabin. However this accident could easily have occurred with a 2 man crew and our drills should cover all situations.

I think I will stick with my training, use the fire chief to confirm the presence of the fire ( no fire warning in the aircraft ) and just evacuate.
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