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You did not buy Parsnip but Horseradish

Originally Posted by mike-wsm View Post
...with apologies to Dylan Thomas.

I put a brief question on Black Five's Oldies thread, but I guess this serious question needs more exposure and input in true JB style.

The problem is that parsnips seem to be developing a strong and offensive odour. In past years they have sat quietly on the shelves, minding their own business, and I have picked them up, put them in the veg rack, and consumed them over two or three days. But recently I've had probs, initially with bagged parsnips. Open the bag and phew, the smell is completely overpowering. Smell of? Well paraffin is the nearest I can get and that's not even close. The last lot I was careful to buy loose, but they are nearly as bad, possibly they may have been debagged from a batch stockpiled up to the holiday.

There's not a lot on google, I went for 'smelly parsnips' and there was some mention but no real explanation. Seems that folk blame Spanish parsnips, though whether that is the genus, or the fertiliser, or perhaps a travel preservative is not mentioned.

So what's the cause? Does it afflict Spanish parsnips bought in Spain, or is it only the exported version? What is the safe life? Are these real parsnips or some genetically modified mangold wurzel? I think we ought to be told, so let's get the assembled brains of JB working on this...
Parsnip and Horseradish look almost the same. My wife made that mistake last week! We use it for making juice in our juice centrifuge and suddenly it burned our eyes and this terrible chemical smell exactly as you described it. So be careful and read the package 😂
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