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In response to Andrew Haines' challenge:

I've been considering, for a couple of years, getting a display authorisation to display a 1960s midget racer. Due to the threefold increase in cost, it is highly unlikely that a church fete or village fair is going to book me for a five minute display. You cannot use the argument that they have not been in touch to "discuss their dilemma" because there will be at least ten individuals who have decided not to bother because they simply could not justify the expense.

I would point out that the DoT would never ban all traffic on a motorway (or motorways in general) after a multi-vehicle pile-up, which could easily cause as many fatalities as an airshow accident. To me, there seems to have been a knee-jerk reaction to one, albeit tragic, accident. It seems now that the professionals in the industry have decided to display in countries such as India and China where, although they have rules, the officials have not strangled the industry. I remember, as a child, going to fantastic airshows at Nottingham and Leicester, and I feel that these smaller airshows have been killed off by rapidly increasing costs and red tape.
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