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We will see, actually still waiting for someone 'within' the company to give an honest answer.

Can not be fear for the job not to speak up, there is easy methods to post anonymously so every idiot could do it...

What I heard is that they now are being watched closely by the LBA on adhering to flight & duty limitations. E.g. positioning by airline/rental/train/taxi now has to be taken into account calculating duty times...

Who is next to report that austrian big player to the authorities ? Company called like a failed former MicroSoft Operating System ?

EU OPS towards destination (US), then positioning back (EU) under private ops or vice versa... All with the same crew, shame on them...

Its 2017, and we should all demand to be treated fair ! I am fed up with all that bollox. Wild West in GA -> lets make it finally history together !

By the way, I do not care if AH or however pays whatever to their employees, this is up to the individual to accept it or not.
If someone accepts 1800 Gross, fine with me. But any operation needs adhere to the rules. Full Stop
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