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Originally Posted by Airgus View Post
Aerodynamic has a Duchess, easy to fly.
The DA42 is good if you already have experience with the G1000 if not you need to prepare yourself to be ahead of the game (once you know it is super easy-to-use).
Another option is Jerez (FTE with the DA42) expensive school... and Fly In Spain (UK ATO) with a Seneca III. Both with great wx and low cost of living (rent, meals or hotel).
I flew in both (Malaga and Fly In Spain) both are very good however for a long stay I would recommend JEREZ (easy acces and life style) than Malaga (LEAX is far away from the city, high cost during the summer season).
The Seneca is a great airplane for the IR.
I'm planning to do my ME-IR/CPL conversion from FAA to EASA and I checked Fly In Spain and Aerodynamics Malaga, from what I've read I see they're both good schools, but you have been to both so recommendation I take you suggest FIS over Malaga?
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