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Airshows - a challenge from the CAA CEO Andrew Haines

Barry Tempest

A very IMPORTANT email from the CAA CEO and my reply. The challenge is there, NOW IS THE TIME to get YOUR FEEDBACK to Andrew Haines and for him to realise what a dreadful state so many are in, -


Once again thank you for the response.

Your comments on the air display charges are most useful however sensible suggestions made as part of the consultation exercise for the 2017/218 scheme of charges were, it would seem, ignored or rejected out of hand. That seems to me a cynical approach to any consultation where, perhaps, the final outcome was cut and dried before consultation started. Not even an acknowledgement to confirm that a submission had been received.

Cross subsidy was on the airlines agenda at the FAC back in my time with the CAA from 1984 to 1998. They never could accept the absolute fact that the majority of their aircrew came via General Aviation at no cost to them but at huge personal cost to those who wanted a career as an airline pilot. A modicum of cross subsidy would have done something to reimburse GA for their good fortune. As they always had great influence within the FAC their arguments prevailed.

I am not a Display Organiser though I was in the dim and distant past. My involvement in airshows has been mainly as a pilot with a DA and a DAE appointment. With some experience as an FDD and FCC member. Your challenge is for the Display Organisers and those owner/pilots who have but one airshow aircraft and who specialise in the small displays, invariably with only one item. The latter have been the hardest hit by the swingeing increase in charges introduced in the 2016/2017 scheme.

I will try to make them aware of your challenge and to get them to respond directly to you though I will forward any I get sent to me.

I welcome your challenge as part of the UK air display industry that has been my pleasure, profession and passion for nearly 60 years.

Kind regards,


Barry Tempest FRAeS
Vice President – Historic Aircraft Association
Armageddon Associates
Armageddon Associates have been actively involved in General Aviation for over 70 years. That includes nearly 60 years involvement in the Airshow Industry in the UK and Europe as a Display Pilot, Flying Display Director and as a Flying Control…

From: Haines Andrew
Sent: 08 March 2017 07:18
To: Barry Tempest;
Subject: RE: Devolution of Private, Sporting and Recreational Aviation in the UK


I took personal responsibility for challenging the team with relation to some of the air display charges. But we face a hard fact that our charges for air displays have not covered their costs for many years and in the post Shoreham environment our costs have gone up considerably. So the gap is getting bigger and we cannot lawfully just elect other elements of aviation to cover these costs however attractive that might seem to those directly affected.

In particular we looked at alleviation for air displays that have charitable purposes. But how many displays don't have such purposes in one form or another and would it be right for all the costs to be borne by that very small minority?

What we did last year and will do again this year is send out a very clear message that any show that is struggling to put its show on because of CAA charges should come to us on an open book basis and we will do all we can to find some form of alleviation.

Let me lay down a challenge. Show me one single air display in 2016 that cancelled their air display because of our increases in charges and who came to us to discuss their dilemma and where we failed to react sympathetically and constructively. I don't know of a single instance. I know of several where charges were mentioned as a contribution but where the organisers never even approached us to discuss alleviation and I know of quite a few that were honest enough to acknowledge that it was not CAA charges but insurances and other costs that turned out to be prohibitive.

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