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Like AyrTC says, you've got to be prepared to be posted wherever the business needs you.

The other thing I'd have to mention is that it is by no means "...fairly easy to break into..."!!! There's a huge amount of competition for places, the college training is pretty intense, then once you get posted out it's another full-on period of practical training and learning the books. (and with good reason). Perhaps someone else here might have the current percentage of people who get through from application all the way to validation - but it's not big.

All the above said, it's still a very satisfying job. Technology and cost pressures are changing our world all the time, but I can't think of any other job from which you can unplug with such a sense of achievement, and even dare I say pride, if it's been a good day! By all means go for it but make sure you know what you're getting into....make sure you really want it...and the very best of luck!
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