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tdracer - Never thought of the Ford/Chevy rivalry, but yes, it is a possibility. Personally, I'd guess alcohol was the major factor, drunks run into other vehicles on a regular basis.

I can recall an Australian farm that had a long, flat driveway, which contained one small hill in the centre of it. The driveway track was merely two wheelruts and every vehicle followed them.
Amazingly, the farmer had a head-on collision right on the top of the rise in the driveway, with an oncoming visiting vehicle (I seem to recall it was a farm agent).

As most drivers got up to 90-100kmh along the lengthy driveway, and could be distracted by looking out across the paddock or crop at something interesting, it's probably surprising there weren't more head-ons, on the driveway.

The farmer altered the driveway to include two separate tracks over the rise and installed a Keep Left sign to ensure that a head-on collision didn't occur again.
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