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Under the guidance and recommendation of military commanders, the attorney general and governor of California was this action taken. It was a different time, of that we can be sure.
You're not helping your cause, the Gov of Calif ( Culbert Olson) and the AG (Francis Biddle) were both Democrats.

While you're pillorying liberals, let's not forget that liberal lion of the Supreme Court, the man best remembered for being on the correct side of history on Civil Rights, 1st Amendment issues, and due process, among his many other landmark rulings, US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren.
Warren, a Republican, nominated to the SCOTUS by a Republican. Not here to pile on the dems, just can't help myself when the deep thinkers here like sultan rant about Republicans, it's time to school him a little about how the Democratic Party was and still tries to divide people to achieve their goals. You can also rant on about me being wrong, but your fighting an uphill battle against history.
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