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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
It is an interesting observation on what seems to be happening, but was it intentional on the part of the new President? Somehow I doubt it very much, I think it's just a happy accident for him that he found a button to push that would give him an edge.
Bannon may be smart enough to know this and let's not forget, Trump knows very well the power of celebrity and media and the reinforcing echo chamber the two can become.

What the UKIP MP author of the piece left out was how the conversation should focus less on the press involvement in the mechanics of the elevation of a man like Trump and more on the thinking of the people* he clearly resonates with.

That's the problem we face and it's an age old one. As Senator McCain put it, those old ideas of race and blood and sectarianism are just that - old ideas and not worthy of a society (even reasonably well) poised for the future of humanity.

*Who knew there were that many small-minded voters that would not (or failed to have the capacity to) recoil at candidate Trump's numerous widely reported faux pas, vulgarities, and his truth-be-damned 'style'.

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