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Damn shame that Twitter won't/can't rescind his account.
Presumably he'd then switch to using the official white house account.
No, he'd switch to one of the SJW-free alternatives, like Gab. And Twitter would just circle the drain much faster.

But it's good to see the left continue doubling-down into madness. They might actually be able to achieve something if they threw out the SJWs and returned to something resembling sanity.

"And when you declare war on the establishment, it declares war on you."
And absolutely hilarious to see the left Standing Up For The Man. They don't even realize that they're now the Squares trying to stop the kids having fun, and the right are the cool, leather-jacketed rebels.

Do they not have any idea how they look to people outside their inbred left-wing enclaves? Or do they just not care?
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