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Damn shame that Twitter won't/can't rescind his account.
Presumably he'd then switch to using the official white house account.
At which point they could rescind that too.
At least that'd stop his late night brain farts.
But then I `spose there'd be a slight Freedom of Speech issue there.
You're stuck with four years of inaction America.
As a times correspondent put it:

Predicting a limping administration that likely will hang on despite its moral and political collapse, he sketches the coming years: "It means an administration that is passive, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

"To get anything done, a President depends on the vast machinery of the US government. But Trump doesn't mesh with that machinery. He is personality-based while it is rule-based. Furthermore, he's declared war on it.

"And when you declare war on the establishment, it declares war on you."
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