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...what does TDS actually stand for ?
"Total Denial Syndrome" probably.
Something the do-gooders with OPM and lefties have mastered quite well.

It is exactly 10 years since the start of France's banlieue riots - the three weeks of violent street protest in the high-immigration suburbs, sparked by the accidental deaths of two teenagers after a police chase.
Plenty of money has been pumped into the banlieues - but has anything really changed?
It is with a depressing sense of familiarity that one reads this week the 10-year post-mortems on France's 2005 riots.
Everyone concedes that after the shock a lot was done to regenerate the "lost" neighbourhoods of Clichy, Grigny, Bobigny, et cetera.
Some 48bn euros has been spent in the past decade alone to rebuild housing and smarten up the "urban fabric".
To this can be added a further 100bn euros spent since the start of the 1980s, when the problem of disaffected suburban zones was first identified.
But by now everyone also agrees that money is quite evidently not the answer. If it was, this crisis would have been solved long ago.
For the depressing fact remains by just about every recognised criterion, the banlieues (or to be clear the large areas within city suburbs where populations mainly of north African and sub-Saharan origin live in blocks of council flats) are today in the same sorry state as before. If not worse.

Fears the banlieues could burn again - BBC News
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