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Some food for thought in this article.....VAP can stand what it has to say very much challenges his World View (heck....commonsense and reality each do that to him).

Many Years ago we had the Left all in an up roar when they thought Nixon was using the IRS and other Federal Agencies to go after people on his "Enemies List". Under Clinton, the White House had the FBI send over Background Investigation Files on several hundred people and that caused a major flap. The Obama Administration certainly used the politics of personal destruction in its operations.

What makes this different is that it is an inside job going on that could very well be designed to take down a legally elected government or at least disrupt it and undermine its ability to pursue its Agenda of Reform and Change to the way our Government does business.

The accusation that the Mafia did in JFK for the loss of Cuba and its lucrative deals with Batista still come to the surface even yet today.

The Federal Government has been very much preaching about the "Insider Threat" for well over a Decade....perhaps there is a reason they fear such a they are now doing it themselves by leaking this Classified Data.

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