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Talking of 'reading backwards is supposed to help'?? The idea of spelling AMBULANCE backwards on its cab, so that drivers can read it correctly in their rear-view mirror. Hm?

There is this large white or day-glow yellow vehicle covered in hi-viz emblems and phone numbers: it also has large flashing lights and very loud sirens; and it is hurtling down the road in pursuit of my rear-end. OMG what is it? I cry. Only when it is close enough to read the small print do I realise it is an ambulance and do the honest thing. However, on the other side of the road, coming in the opposite direction, is some maniac in the same type of vehicle, swerving in & out of the traffic like a joy-riding lunatic. I'm looking for the cameras and sound crews. No one there. I see this strange hieroglyphic on the front of the charging vehicle, and using my comparison software wired into my cranium I deduce that this too is an emergency vehicle of some sort and do the honest thing.
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