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Brian W May
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Nassau Beach

We had a party in my room. The bath was about 9 inches deep in Harvey Wallbanger. We had about four Herk crews and a couple of British Airways crews - mayhem ensued.

The management sent one of the 'security' lads up to ask us to pipe down (it was late) and I managed to convince about four guys who were holding this chap's feet over my balcony (I was on the third floor!) to set him on his feet right side up! Self control is soluble in alcohol!!

I was hors de combat next morning. The aircraft came in having had a Turbine O'Heat warning. You guys checked all the wiring and we launched.

Fortunately, the warning came on again so we slotted the engine and returned to Nassau (apparently it was water in the detector). Do you remember the rain - and the 'dirty' fuel?

That was the playing of my 'joker', didn't do that again . . .

Was it the Emerald Beach that banned us from their 'all you can eat' breakfast as 'we' all ate too much?
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