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4runner is right with his assesment, planning to buy a single dreamliner is terrible waste of money indeed. These guys cant even put a working website:


Just one of many dead links on the website. At least now they have put up some news explaining why online booking is not working since months...
Only reason why the boss here in TZ bought this plane is to show off, esp. to Kenya

Let me quote for you:

In January 2009, the Airbus A320 underwent a Check D, also known as a Heavy Maintenance Visit, which is done after every four to five years. Subsequently in July 2010, the aircraft was returned to the lessor, a Lebanese firm, Wallis Trading Company. The government on paper incurred a loss of $39 million on the lease of the Airbus, which according to the report did not fly. But the report further shows that the debt accumulated from the transactions with the Lebanese firm rose to Tsh322 billion ($200 million), enough to purchase three brand new Airbuses of the same series. According to Airbus Aircraft 2012 Average List prices, the purchase order price of a brand new Airbus A320 series is $88.3 million. Controller and Auditor General Ludovick Utouh says that the government involvement in business decision making at ATCL is a serious problem.
Chinese firm leased obsolete aircraft for Air Tanzania - News
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