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I don't think FR to Malta would have that much effect on EZY to be honest, as Ryanair do tend to stimulate markets, and Malta seems to be getting quite a bit more popular now.

Having said that I'd much rather Chania, Corfu and or Paphos, they would seem more flexible

Loads looking remarkably good on Berlin, that's filling me with confidence. Polish routes also very very good loads, but yields were 100% trashed this winter.

One thing striking me is how dire the load factors now are to Dusseldorf on the A319/A320... Same pax as EZY on double the flights, sometimes with a larger aircraft. Obviously it needs time to grow into the bigger A/C and I'm sure it will but right now, not amazing

I hope after a weak 2016, the lack of cannibalistic and barely economically viable capacity expansion (yes Qatar and Etihad I'm looking at you), might give Emirates a stronger 10th anniversary year
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