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Watton used to be my VGS. Flew over it last week.

Unused since 2012 and sold off to local farmer (who is gradually selling off bits to the local housing estate that now encroaches on the former airfield. Grass areas all ploughed up for crop. Perimeter track being broken up for hardcore in support of housing estate.

Runway being used to store bales in plastic although about 300 meters of the original 2000 meters at 1 end appears clear but I think is used as hardstand for farm machinery at various times.

Air Cadet Hangar still there but unsure what is stored in there. Local farmer got a bargain Ag store there !!

Original C Type hangars long destroyed (over 10 years ago). The VGS asked for one of the 4 remaining C type hangars for use as a base when they moved in but was told by DIO that it would cost 30K to refurb for use. Too expensive................ so they built a new hangar (about 1/4 the size) for 60K instead. That is building the farmer now has as an Ag store, full power and water etc, concrete base and sliding door facility (65 feet aperture) and internal portacabins (not included in original price).............

Vandalised MoD sign on main road still forlornly says '611 VGS'

So sad. It'll not see airfield use again IMHO.


Edit: I believe the sale price was 1.5M - ridiculous for over 600 acres of land plus hardstand and runway. In East Anglia now, Ag land is approaching 10,000 an acre. Another brilliant commercial decision by the MoD...........
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