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Not surprised in Germany

I flew a turboprop for a certain German operator in Cologne and lost all my respect for the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA). So I am not surprised at all to read about Air Hamburg.

My experience with this other German turboprop operator out of Cologne:

No scheduling
- 8 days off a month were not given nor rostered. It was always a surprise when you return home and how long.

No rostering of standby duties
- 24/7 standby, sometimes waiting all day in lobby of hotel and fly all the night.

Falsifying techlogs and duty times records
- well this doesn't need any explanation...

The list continues...

A year ago I started a topic under a different name to stay anonymous, afraid of loosing my job. That was always the threat when you asked any 'difficult' questions.
See here:

I was a young naive F/O and left because the above given reasons to an operator who respects his crews and is oversighted by a different and more competent CAA. Out of Germany thank god!
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