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Originally Posted by Step Turn View Post
Is true, though it does, as an aside, further confirm the rather casual attitude that TCT has toward safety and compliance.
Does it? We can only know it was "non-compliant" if we knew the location - in many parts of the world the sequence shown there could be perfectly legal (including the UK AFAICS). I'm not even sure it was "unsafe" - I'm pretty sure she could have undertaken a safe forced landing from most of it and there didn't look to be any point where there was a risk of collision with other aircraft, vessels, vehicles, persons, structures, trees or even the terrain. I saw no evidence that the performance or handling limits of the aeroplane were exceeded. If that's "unsafe" flying then I guess it's just as well I let my PPL lapse, because I did much the same on occasion (when the location and conditions permitted).

To be honest I'd say it just shows TCT is passionate about flying and enjoys a bit of stick-and-pedal stuff. This may seem strange to the more jaded ATPLs, but some of us actually *enjoy* a bit of hand-flying...

What's unsafe about it?

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