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Air Hamburg

Can anyone shed some light in regards to that player ?

What I heard about them is absolutely devastating....
Here only few examples:

-Phenom 300 FO earns as little as 1800 Brut per month
That leaves you with roughly 1200 a month, now make a living/pay your ATP loan back.

-Duty time always starts 30 minutes prior scheduled departure time, proceedings (airlines, rentals etc) are never accounted as duty
Nevertheless, Crews are requested to show 2h before the flight in Winter, to prepare the Aircraft/De-Ice etc
Is this not totally illegal ?
This is the point that annoys me the most. 6h Airline to Moscow, Taxi etc etc, then 12h of flight Duty, NO PROBLEM !

-Principal from the authorities (Luftfahrtbundesamt) who is supposed to check their operation for compliance does not care at all
Does he maybe even freelance for them ?

-if you are willing to share the Hotel room with your colleague, Dinner is on the company

If only one of this is true it is already scandalous imho.

There is operators out there who treat their crews respectfully, respect duty times and EU-Ops regulations. How are they supposed to compete on a market with companies like AH ?

Can anyone shed some light ? Flight time wise they seem to become the second biggest operator in Europe. On the race to the bottom they already appear #1
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