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I would imagine that a lot of the problem is in the arse covering - anyone who replaces the current NOTAM presentation with a new format will be immediately put up against the wall if the algorithm used misses something that is, after an incident, deemed important.

And even if the algorithm is perfect, if someone presenting the data to it (I don't know how these are generated) is imperfect then you will get imperfect results. Garbage in, Garbage out.

So from a purely technical point of view, I can see huge benefit in having something that parses or sorts the messages , but from a liability point of view I can see why no-one would want to do it...

-edit- I am an IT guy, this kind of stuff interests me, dealing with interactions between humans and machines . Where do the NOTAMS come from - are they public info that anyone can grab , any time? Is there a better thread for this discussion

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