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The official report said that even though the PM called "Autothrust", the PF didn't reply, and the landing checklist wasn't done. It's pretty reasonable to assume that the PF thought the AT was on.
The PF knew the A/T was off at the time (he turned it off himself just the previous minute) -- in fact he told the PM it was off, just 10 seconds before the callout:

At 1427:42, the PF stated that the aircraft was too high and that he was correcting, then stated that the autothrust was off. The PM did not hear the statement that the autothrust was off.

At 1427:52, the PM initiated the callouts associated with the landing flap selection portion of the final approach and landing check. The PM called out “autothrust,” which is the first callout item. The PF did not immediately respond, but shortly afterward he initiated a dialogue regarding the FAF and the missed-approach altitude, interrupting the checklist.
The PF probably intended to land with A/T off but was habitually conditioned to having A/T on (AC Rouge SOP strongly recommends A/T on from takeoff to landing). The PM probably thought A/T was on and did not monitor the speed.
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