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F/A Sues Airline for 'Scary Flight'

Air Canada employee files lawsuit over scary incident aboard flight | Vancouver Sun

An Air Canada employee has filed a lawsuit against the airline and the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal over a scary incident aboard a May 2012 flight from Tokyo to Vancouver.

Kelly Zechel, a flight attendant for 22 years, and others on the plane noticed an acrid smell, like burning wiring, in the aircraft cabin when the plane was about two hours away from Vancouver International Airport.

Searching for the source of the smell as it became stronger, Zechel and a relief pilot pried off one of the panels in the interior cabin. They found no flames, just an acrid smell that irritated Zechel’s throat and respiratory system.

The pilots aboard the plane sought a priority landing and picked up the aircraft’s speed to ensure faster arrival.

One of the pilots told Zechel that F18 fighter jets might be deployed to escort the plane into Vancouver, according to Zechel’s petition filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

When the aircraft landed, fire rescue officials entered the plane and found a visible haze in the cabin.

Zechel and the other crew members were told that the cause of the smell was on overheated entertainment system.

She was also told by one of her colleagues that the reason for calling other planes to escort a plane is to, if necessary, “shoot down” the plane to ensure that it does not crash in a populated area, says the petition.

“Although no escort planes were involved that day, Ms. Zechel was distressed that the situation could have warranted such a response.”

Zechel says she saw a doctor to deal with symptoms she suffered arising from the incident, was diagnosed with a psychological injury from the stress as well as lung irritation, and was off work for more than a week.
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