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Healing the system

Apart from the utter disgrace of all this it has exposed the basic fact that no one at HQ Air Cadets or indeed 2FTS has the slightest idea how to go about getting the situation 'back on line'. The expertise in the VGS system was at Squadron level and they were the only ones who could see how badly supported they had become.
It needed a 'task force' of experienced VGS Squadron commanders to go direct to HQ ATC and tell them 'how it was'.
The service GSA operation has the tech expertise and actual knowledge to assist in this,but the RAF as the 'operator' does not have the people or the will to deal with this situation. With no leadership from the top nothing will change; and unless someone is put in place to get to grips with the operation then it may just as well close. Of course the 'direction' for this should have come from 2 FTS, but as we all know with the wrong person in charge and a total lack of understanding from this operation then there was no hope.
If the current people stay in place then you will have no change, and with a massive retraining and upgrading now required it really does need some firm control and competence from the TOP. I think the old VGS system could be reborn under guidance from the GSA/BGA and then we might get somewhere. Syerston could become a major GSA centre with a proven 'Leader/Instructor' in charge and then we could get back to the well proven system of teaching Cadets, and then letting the keen and capable ones continue to develop into running the organisation as it should. The system worked well and could so again given the chance.
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