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According to media reports WW's total compensation in 2015 was €8.8 million. In round numbers that's 7,500,000.

At the the advertised salary of 21/25,000 p.a. for mixed fleet Mr Walsh makes 357/300 times more. At the 10-12 more commonplace salary he makes 750/625 times more.

Does anyone deserve to be paid 750 times, or even 300 times as much as a front line employees?

Put in the context of Fat Cat Wednesday Mr. Walsh makes 2076 an hour (301 days at 12 hrs). It takes him 13 1/2 hours to earn the annual average U.K. salary of 28,200. Makes him a Fat Cat early Tuesday morning.

Something terribly wrong with these numbers. He has already earned more this year than many of his employees will earn in a year.
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