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Originally Posted by cornish-stormrider View Post
I am utterly appalled and ashamed about this
I and many others joined the air cadets to FLY.....

We ( a group of seven or so) were doing so much our Sqn co stopped us going unless there were slots that no one else wanted

Gliding, chippys, Hawks, nimrods, sea kings, hercs, chippys, gliding

You name it, if it flew we wanted a go and we had many goes
Eight chippy trips ( to the airfield) and some were double trip days in a single year

How has it got so ****** up?

Quite easily and effortlessly really - in the first instance when the fleet was new, from inception it was not managed correctly from an Aircraft Engineering angle, compounded by the lack of knowledge of GRP aircraft, and the total lack of understanding of airworthiness management, and design authority referrals in certain cases. Over the years therefore a lot of things done should not have been, and a lot of things that were not done, should have been.

Then of course in latter years, we handed it over to a civilian contractor and thought (as in many HMG circles that a sub contract is the complete answer and is cheap compared to direct labour). Sub contractors need to be closely supervised, not left to their own devices - a little known fact unless you've done it !! When the cat's away, the mice will play, and corners are cut. The problem then was that as they never knew in the first instance how to manage the fleet, they could hardly supervise a sub contractor who equally seemed to be in a similar state of knowledge !!

The rot continued........and then came the pause..............and then came another band of professionals who were completely thrown by the whole saga - put simply, in a spin, having been "ambushed and coshed over the head" by the MAA, and regaining consciousness to wonder where it had all gone wrong, not knowing what on earth to do, and.................as an added complicating factor, aided and abetted by hidden agenda's from nameless person(s) who knew precious little about how the VGS functioned and what it produced, and, some that thought we should not be using powered SLMG's, shouldn't allow FSC's to actively work on a VGS, shouldn't have CGI's and many other prejudicial ideas.

From that moment onwards, the tailspin continued and so it does to this very day. Problem now is that some decisions have been made that will be almost impossible to reverse, - e.g. staff redundant, redeployed and some just gone, with some of the decisions are proving to be mission impossible, lots of spent, no accountability, and precious little flying for the most important people of all - the Cadets - and dare I say, the RAF Future pilots.

Very shortly now, the RAF will find out that their former "screening" mechanism via VGS training is missing, when they find that future GD pilot entries start to be become a bunch of entrants who have a greater "chop rate", as they have NO former training in a VGS to FSC level, some even attaining a Grade 1 pilot status, not to mention working in the disciplined RAF based VGS environment run very professionally by the dedicated bunch of VF(T) staff and CGI's. Believe me, there are many who serve today who learnt their basics in a VGS, some as high as Air Rank.

The only positive thing that I can say is that NONE of the present crisis has been in any way caused or created by that wonderful bunch of RAFVR(T) Officers who have worked incalculable hours along with their civilian staff and FSC's to run a very successful and productive training machine in a totally professional manner. Sadly, on the debit side, the amateurs were totally professional whilst the professionals were..................well you guessed it correctly !

And so, dear Taxpayers, parents, Cadets, former staff, you will probably never see the real truth and full disclosure, there is no fairy tale ending for this saga....................
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