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It is all well and good getting rid of the database learners and I agree you should learn the material, but can we not look over the fact that these exams have major problems.
As someone who has taken exams most of his life I have never come across something like the ATPLS.
Lets look at the issues shall we?
1. There is a huge amount of incorrect information in the questions and answers.
2. I have never come across exams where they are actively trying to trick you as much as they do in the ATPLS.
3. The range of questions they can ask are huge, they can literally ask the most obscure things and that is perfectly valid.
4. You are forced to sit multiple exams at once, why? If you want people to learn the information then why are we forced to sit 3-4 exams at the same time?

Of all the exams I have sat both educational and professional, the ATPL's are by far the most flawed I have ever come across.
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