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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
Leeds City Region is the Civil Aviation laughing stock of Europe because of its short crossgale airport on the apex of a hill top in a B road housing estate!

Those people that try to tell you "aren't we doing well!" with best ever 3.5 million pax are the clowns in the ring!

DSA without any sort of population catchment to even use will catch up to LBA simply because of this rank and historic shambolic unsuitability of the airport.

Then where will Leeds be as a city? - It's airport will be Leeds South in Doncaster - an hour away! Back the right horse or you will not have a horse.
LEEDS APPROACH I'd be interested to see any evidence at all you have to back up the statement about Leeds City Region being a laughing stock at all regardless of any perceived shortcomings you believe LBA has. Given the issues of fog the airport owners have done what they can and installed CAT 111b ILS - if not all operators then train and equip their crews and aircraft with the ability to use that bit of kit, it's hardly the airport's fault is it?

LBA has been operating continuously for 85 years. 'Shambolic' doesn't survive for 85 years.
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